Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Birthday Party Ideas -Turn on Music, Let Them Rock

Turn on Music, Let Them Rock

Planning a child's birthday party can be both a fun and challenging experience. It is an opportunity for parents to really make their child's day special by tailoring themes and activities to include items their youngster really enjoys.  At each age, our child's expectations of what makes a "great" birthday party change as well! But one thing that is sure to please children of any age, is the addition of music!

Whatever the party theme, birthday music is a great way to keep guests entertained and enlivened throughout your event. Parents and child can work together to create a list of birthday music to be played. Music can be either traditional, such as "The Birthday Song," or more contemporary.

If there is an internet capable computer, television, or projector in the home, parents may want to try letting guests take turn playing "YouTube DJ" - choosing favorite tunes with the help of an adult. When videos are played through a projector, this activity can create a wonderful dance party atmosphere. Projector rental is fairly cheap and those who do not own a projector may want to consider renting one for the occasion. Parents can look up "The Limbo Song" or use tunes for a game of musical chairs as well!

Help instill a life-long love of music by purchasing birthday gifts with a musical theme. Posters, t-shirts, compact disks and more are available for much of the music today's children enjoy. Alternately, guests may consider purchasing instruments as birthday gifts. Many studies, such as a recently conducted one by Northwestern University researchers [July 20, 2010, Nature Reviews Neuroscience] have shown that music can promote health by helping relieve pain, lower blood pressure, and enhancing brain function. Younger children may enjoy simple percussion instruments, while older youths may prefer to play or create music on a keyboard or guitar.

One final method for adding music to a child's birthday is to put out instruments for the children to play. Instruments can be authentic, or homemade. Offer plenty of options, and encourage children to share.

However parents choose to include it, music is a great way to make their child's next birthday party one that they will remember for years to come.

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