Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Birthday Party Ideas -Take them out to the Ballgame

Planning the Perfect Ballpark Birthday Party

There's nothing like watching a baseball game from the stands; the crack of the bat, the crowd's roar, the smells of peanuts and hotdogs filling the air. This larger than life mystique, which personifies America's ballparks, makes the stadium a perfect birthday party destination. However, as with all locations, careful planning combined with a thorough understanding of the venue's rules and regulations is key to making this a truly Happy Birthday.

First and most importantly, determine the amount of people attending. Many stadiums offer discount packages for larger groups (30 plus), and will help secure seats, parking, etc. However, if this will be a more intimate group, placing a call to the team's box office is still a good place to start, as while they may not be able to directly book tickets, representatives can offer information on pricing as well as upcoming events and specials. With that in mind, choose a game that features a "give away," thus providing an instant favor for guests and another way to further commemorate the event. Also, many ballparks feature special events corresponding to certain games – fireworks on Friday and Saturday nights, etc – which will only help to increase the excitement no matter which team wins.

Tailgating can be a fun way to kick off the occasion, providing an opportunity for cake and a rendition of Happy Birthday before heading into the stadium. However, many ballparks limit food and drink in the parking lot, thus it's important to be familiar with the venue's current rules; nothing kills the fun faster than having security throw out the cake. On a positive note many stadiums do allow outside food inside and thus the cake can head to the stands for a 7th inning snack. This feature can also help parents combat rising concession prices, especially when hosting a large group of kids.

Finally, nothing makes a ballpark party more special than the birthday boy or girl's name scrolled in lights across the scoreboard during the game. Offered by most stadiums, a small fee (some of which may be donated to the team's charity) will guarantee their name in lights as well as a photo in case they missed it. Few things go together as well as a baseball game and a birthday party, making the ballpark the perfect place to celebrate turning another year older.

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