Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Birthday Party Ideas -Ice Cream Sundae Birthday Celebration

Ice Cream Sundae Birthday Celebration

For a hot summer birthday, the cake is nowhere near as satisfying as the ice cream. So why not make ice cream the focus of the party? An ice cream sundae celebration is fun for all ages, and can be tailored to fit almost any theme or dietary restrictions. Setting up a sundae bar for a party is sometimes better than the gifts! Here is how to make the festivities a successful happy birthday.

Be cautious of allergies. A growing number of people have deadly allergies to nuts and their oils. Should any of the guests suffer from this affliction, do not serve any kind of nuts as ice cream toppings. For some, the exhaled particles are enough to trigger a deadly allergic reaction. Also, be aware of lactose intolerance. Lactose-free ice cream is available, so no one has to miss out on the treats.

Use a blender to crush cookies, nuts, and candies into toppings. Buying these goodies already pulverized is more expensive, and using a hammer and baggie can be hazardous to your fingers and counter-tops.

Have plenty of toppings available. These can include sauces such as strawberry, chocolate, and caramel. Squeeze bottles are easier to handle than jars. Fruits, especially those in a can intended for pies, are especially delicious on ice cream, as are whipped cream and marshmallow fluff.

Provide plenty of access to water. After a sugary ice cream binge, who wants to wash it down with soda? To avoid having every glass in your house used, be sure to have a stack of disposable cups for the happy birthday celebration. For smaller kids, consider bottled water to avoid having the gifts table saturated by an overturned cup.

After the ice cream is put away, make sure all the children go home with clean hands and faces. Provide a container of baby wipes, as well as access to a powder room. With small kids, do not allow them to run around after eating a lot of ice cream. Make them sit down and sing Happy Birthday or play a low-key game. This will avoid upset stomachs, vomiting episodes, and unamused parents.

An ice cream sundae celebration can be a fun summertime birthday party idea. By thinking about safety and health first, the sweets can be enjoyed by all!

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