Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Birthday Party Food - Have A Healthier Party With Birthday Pizzas - Kid Created!

Have A Healthier Party With Birthday Pizzas - Kid Created!

A birthday is a special time of joy and celebration. Much gaiety and fun do not mean you have to compromise the stand on eating healthy. And likewise, eating healthy does not mean you have to skimp on having fun! Actually having a birthday party where kids are allowed to build their own pizzas can be tons of healthy fun for everyone involved. And all this while parents are not worrying about how healthy the children are eating.

Pizza crusts may be purchased or made ahead of time and frozen until the morning of the party. Plan for each child to "decorate" about a third of the pizza. Younger children may use a fourth whereas older children may need a half of a pizza each. For an even healthier approach, use whole grain crusts.

Allowing the kids to create their own pizza means planners do not have the headache of getting the wrong amount of sauce on the pizza. They also do not have to worry about getting the wrong topping combination. The kids can create their pizza anyway they like it with as much or as little sauce and toppings as they desire. Let them be as creative as they want to be, it's their pizza! They may want to design a happy face, or a clown face or simply load their pizza with cheese. It's their pizza, they get to eat it; they can create their dish however they like it best.

Kids creating their own pizzas also saves on some of the planning for activities as building their own pizza helps with their food and is also a useful, yet fun, activity. This allows for more time to be given planning other activities such as games and music.

Wish your child a big, "Happy Birthday!" This year with a birthday pizza party! Your child will have the time of their life spending time creating personalized pizzas with their friends. It will indeed be a very happy birthday. The snack will stir up the creativity of the children and also allow them to have a healthier snack for the get together.

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