Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dazzle Your Birthday Guests with Costumes!!

Birthday parties are always so much fun for kids! Planning the party can be just as much fun for us. If your child has asked you for a costume themed birthday party here are some hints on how to make that happen. Red Carpet Party is option number one. This requires a red carpet, a dress up box with fancy dresses and costume jewelry, a camera, and the right lighting. The red carpet can easily be created with a piece of fabric or plastic table cloth from the dollar store. Have the children dress up and have their pictures taken on the "red carpet." The pictures make nice favors for your guests. You could even request the gifts to be "red carpet" themed.

When I Grow Up...This option is fun to do! First we start with the invitations. Here we request that guests arrive dressed as what they want to be when they grow up. Expect to see fire fighters, police men, construction workers, maybe a suit or two and decorate accordingly. Happy Birthday can be spelled out using pictures of tools or other equipment used on the job. The cake can be shaped like one of the tools used in your child's grown up dreams. Take pictures of each guest as they arrive in costume to take home or scrapbook. Princess Tea This one is great for girls!! Have each guest arrive in their best "princess" dress. Decorations can be anything from a bolt of tulle draped around the table to Mardi Gras beads to paper cut outs of tea cups and saucers. Guests will enjoy making a princess crown and playing as princesses play. Always in proper attire and ladylike, of course.Photo ShootThis option is great for smaller sized parties. Create your own studio with a colorful blanket and props from around the house, like a chair, table for posing, and outfit appropriate accessories. Have each guest dress up as different nursery rhyme characters, favorite singing groups, etc. Gifts can be arranged for a birthday group photo.I hope that these ideas will get your creative motors running!! Run away with these ideas and make them suit your child, budget and space. All of these ideas are very simple and can be done with things already around the house to ease decorating expenses. It also occupies a good amount of time. Happy Birthday Little Ones!

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