Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Birthday Party Idea: Turn Your Birthday Into A Charity Fundraiser

Turn Your Birthday Party Into A Charity Fundraiser

Every year we turn one more year older. We have the same birthday party. We get similar gifts as the year before. Mostly made up of material items that we don't necessarily need. This year instead of doing the same old celebration why not turn your birthday into a charity fundraiser?

When thinking about thowing a charity fundraiser party, it is important to plan it out correctly to get the most out of the experience. It is important to have different events and set a theme. This will make it easier to raise funds if the guests fully understand the concept.

One really unique idea for a charity event in lieu of a typical celebration is to set up a happy birthday money tree. With this tree present, you can advise guests that instead of gifts this year you will be raising money for your favorite charity. Having someone coordinate this is an excellent idea. The idea of a money tree is not only creative but a great way to raise money for a good cause. Guests simply have to place their donated cash on the limbs of the tree by a clip.

If the cash tree seems unappealing, there are other ways to raise funds for your charity on your birthday. You could also host a bake sale. This is extremely creative as an idea for a charity raising event. People always expect cake and ice cream at a get together. Instead of just handing it out for free, you could add value to each slice of cake and scoop of ice cream. After everyone sings happy birthday and the candles are blown out, explain to everyone that you wanted to make this day positively impact a charity organization. In such a selfless notion, guests will be sure to donate and buy a slice of cake.

Another great way to transform your celebration into an act of giving, is to hold different things up for auction. You could auction off anything from baked goods to party favors. Not only is this a way to get everyone participating and having fun but it will ensure you raise a considerable amount of money.

Turning your celebration into a charitable event is a great idea. It will not only raise awareness for your charity but might influence others to do the same on their special day. It is the ultimate gift of self sacrifice on a day honoring your birth!

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