Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Birthday Gift: Take your friend to a nice dinner at a great restaurant

Birthday Celebrations at a Restaurantbirthday-party-at-restaurant

Hosting a party at a restaurant can be a great way to treat someone you care about to a special birthday celebration. Having the gathering at a restaurant is a great idea for people who are too busy to cook, decorate, and host a get-togethear in their own home. Here are some tips for planning an awesome celebration at a restaurant.

First, if there will be more than seven people attending the dinner, give the restaurant a call and make a reservation, if possible. For larger parties, many restaurants can provide separate dining areas. Additionally, in some cases, you may be allowed to go to the restaurant early to decorate for the party. Choose a restaurant that will allow you to decorate if you'd like, and choose a restaurant that will be open to hosting festivities. You don't want to plan a gathering at a restaurant that always tries to turn over tables as quickly as possible; if you do, you may be rushed by your server.

After choosing the right restaurant, send out invitations to those who will be attending the dinner, being sure to specify whether or not they should bring gifts. If the celebration will be a surprise, make sure you say so in the invitation so no one spills the beans! On the day of the celebration, tell your friend that you'd like to take them out to eat. Let them be happy and surprised when they walk into the restaurant and find all their close friends waiting for them!

At the restaurant, make sure you inform your server or the host that you are celebrating a birthday. Most restaurants are willing to gather a few employees to sing "Happy Birthday, " and many offer a free dessert or free meal to the special individual as well.

While hosting a celebration at a restaurant can be a great way to enjoy your loved one's birthday, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Try not to "take over" your area of the restaurant by stacking gifts on extra tables, toasting loudly, singing "Happy Birthday" more than once, or playing noisy games. Be considerate of other diners around you. Also, you should clarify with your server at the start of the meal how the check should be divided to avoid any awkwardness when the bill comes. Whether people are paying individually or whether the host is taking care of the bill is up to you—just make sure that someone covers the bill for the person of honor!

With this advice in mind, you should be prepared to throw an excellent party at a restaurant!

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