Wednesday, March 2, 2011

50th Birthday Party Ideas to make your friend feel good.

Birthday Party for a 50th Birthday

As the years slip away and we move through different stages of our lives, we approach life in different ways. You may be coming up on a significant birthday like when you turn 21, hit 40 or make it to 60. Having a big event planned for such special days can be a great time to reflect and reminisce about the earlier years. Thinking about turning 50 might just be a great time to throw a "Don't Trust Anyone Over Thirty" party.

Invite all of your friends that are 30 and over to help wish you a Happy Birthday. Make sure everyone comes prepared with at least one good story about when they were a teenager. Encourage them to bring some photos of when they were teens and other memorabilia like school yearbooks that remind them of their youth. Hopefully, they'll also bring some nice gifts. The party will be themed as a flashback to the past. Everyone has some funny stories about when they were in high school and sharing them with friends will make for a fun time.

To make your Birthday a memorable event, and it should be for your 50th birthday, you'll need to add some more events and activities. One thing you can do is to require the attendees to dress like they dressed when they were a teenager. As a 50 year old, you might be forced to hit the stores and get some flashback to the 60s garb. Invite a few seniors who are 70 or more years old and the outfit will be completely different. Yes, you may be turning 50, but that's no reason to not act goofy and have some fun. If you have a decent turnout and have enough people over 30 come to your party, you can play off the theme of clothing styles by offering some sort of prize for the best dressed person or couple from each decade.

When it gets down to opening the gifts, you should begin the story telling segment of your special day. Each of the gifts is announced (here's something from Mary!) and the person giving the gift must choose a card from a prepared deck of topics that relate to the teenage years. For example, one card might read "tell us about your first kiss" and another might ask for your most embarassing moment. There might be something about your worst subject, something you wish never happened or even your favorite place to hang out and smoke. Be creative when making these cards up. You'll probably have the whole crowd joining in and that will make for some great reminiscing and hopefully, fond memories.

As you get the cake and your friends break into an off key version of Happy Birthday, try to acknowledge all of your friends and family that came to your special event and shared their past with you. This will be a celebration of 50 years on this planet and a wonderful look back to the days of your youth.

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