Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Birthday Party Ideas: Over-The-Hill Birthday Party

Parties are always great fun, a chance to cut loose and have a good time. There are countless themes that people can use to make birthday parties more fun. Some themes are universal, but some are aimed at specific birthdays or milestones. One of the most enjoyable themes for parties is the "Over the Hill" birthday party theme. This can be thrown for anyone for any day of birth celebration once they reach the age of 30, but it is most commonly held for people on milestone birthdays. These milestone birthdays are 30, 40, 50, 55, and then every five years thereafter.

There are different ways to celebrate Over the Hill themed parties. One of the more enjoyable ways to throw this type of celebration is to get all of the invited guests involved. Simply include a request in the invitations to bring a gag gift that matches up with the Over the Hill theme. Examples of great gag gifts for this theme include adult diapers, hair dye, reading glasses, dentures, baby food, a cane, a walker, and laxatives. Any gift that the guests can think of that relates to the difficulties in getting older will work well. Encourage guests to be as creative and funny as possible. The whole point of these gifts is to tease the guest of honor a little bit, giving them a happy birthday by making them feel slightly awkward in a humorous way.

Another great idea for Over the Hill parties is to host a mock funeral. First, construct some invitations out of black and grey construction paper, fashioning them to look like a tombstone for the guest of honor. Ask the guests to wear mourning clothes of black to the party. The guests can read eulogies or remember fond moments of the guest of honor's life, making sure to remember humorous and awkward moments to increase the fun. Every guest should be handed an obituary when they arrive, or have one as their placemat if dinner will be served. Set out some lilies in the house and play funeral dirges during the celebration. Black and grey are the colors to be used for decorating at this mock funeral. Use black and grey streamers and balloons. Make the cake a tombstone with the guest of honor's name and dates of birth and death written on it.

Either one of these themes is a great way to have some fun and give a loved one a happy birthday party. Just make sure to keep the teasing in a playful manner, the goal is to make the guest of honor feel slightly embarrassed, not upset. Also, don't forget to give real birthday presents to go along with all of the gag gifts.

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