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Pudding Pound Cake | Pudding Pound Cake Recipe 2011 | Pudding Pound Cake Cool Whip 2011 | Pudding Pound Cake Banana 2011

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In many countries the pudding: sweet dessert. In the United States, but we are on our own version of the pudding should be creamy and delicious in the mouth. The history of the pudding is long though. Originally, it meant the kind of pudding sausage, and even in the Middle Ages, most puddings were made of meat.

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Sometime in 1600, which were made mashed sweet than salty. They were mostly made from sugar, flour and nuts in special bags that can be cooked. Savoury puddings have been reduced by the late 1700s, and in 1800, looked more like a cooked custard pastries. By mid 1800, custard powder was invented by Englishman called Alfred Bird. He used to thicken foods without using eggs. In America, everyone loved him, and for pudding.

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By the early 1900s, the puddings were all the rage. Companies such as Royal and Jell-O began to make their desserts, puddings, including a healthy food. By 1930, pudding mixes easily find in all markets. Vanilla and chocolate were the early favorites. Now there are many flavors of this easy pudding. Some people prefer to learn from scratch, however.

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