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Everyone loves the aroma of ripe peaches in the summer. Use the gel in this recipe, you get a taste of the peaches in a delicious cake. You add the peach puree into a cake and icing, to get that fine texture of the peach in this dessert. This is a wonderful dessert to make for a family gathering or other special events. It's super easy, but it really delivers on taste. Once you've tried it, it quickly became a family favorite.

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You can use fresh or canned peaches for this recipe. If you use fresh, choose those that are softer side. It depends on you, if you prefer to cling to the sandstone or peaches. They both indicate that a large peach smell that we all love and love. When selecting fresh peaches in the market, the smell of peaches. Ripe peaches, which should have a wonderful peach aroma. It should not be any bruises and carpet down. Do not squeeze peaches or if you bruise them. Just clutch fruit firmly enough to feel a little to give into the flesh. The skin should be colored with yellow, orange and red, not green. You want peaches that still taste fresh, but soft enough to blend without leaving the hard part.

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You'll find new peaches are easier to clean if you Blanch them in warm water for a minute or two first. Skin loosens and removes only. This will make training easier to fresh peaches for the pie. If you do not want to go to all that work, just get a can of peaches. They taste great and everything you need to do is mix them with a fork for the recipe.

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