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I love chocolate I like chocolate! I think that all your favorite cookies when I started playing with my chocolate chip cookie recipe favorites and came up with this. I wanted to make it a little less sweet and a little more substantial "health". Add oats, wheat germ, and whole wheat flour dough, and stand-out this "healthy" to make sure that you do not like the taste of these files.

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This cake is always in my class, "whole grain bread," and won rave reviews. For the treatment of child health, whole grain cereals (without their knowledge), especially from my mother is trying to introduce. This cookie is still, still, butter, eggs and sugar with - but is also "natural", and adds some really great help to rise above the chocolate. Whole wheat flour, oats, wheat germ, fiber can not be all that bad, and the B vitamins, antioxidants, has been packed in the form of cookies to get them:)

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chocolate chip cookies

This is the same success that you can use whole wheat pastry flour cookie or white whole wheat flour, either. These 100% whole grain is very heavy on a regular basis. What is the difference? Many of my students, it is less, as complex than I thought it thank you. Concentrated mainly down protein. As precise structure (or gluten), please consider the protein content. A high proportion of protein, and the structure of a high degree of flexibility (please consider baking artisan, rubber and pizza dough) is. As a result of low protein structures soft (cookies, cakes, cookies, etc.).

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