Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Birthday Party Ideas -How to Throw a 'Coming of Age' Party

How to Throw a 'Coming of Age' Party

Whether preparing a coming of age party for a boy or a girl, be sure to tell them that this will be the first grownup occasion held in their honor, and that this year when Happy Birthday is sung it will have a unique meaning.

A great time to throw a special birthday party is when a girl approaches womanhood. Girls who are no longer children will appreciate the chance to give input on the kind of celebration to be held.

Mothers can suggest grownup activities such as a spa day, an afternoon at the theater or a makeover. These activities can also serve as the guest of honor's birthday gift. Be sure to give her a memorable keepsake as well, such as jewelry.

To make this particular birthday even more special, girls should be permitted to include their best friend in the fun. Be sure to invite any female family members with whom the young woman has a close connection. Party attendees should dress festively. Just for fun, have someone add special verses to the song Happy Birthday.

Ask other influential women in her life to write letters about coming of age. Allow plenty of lead time for their responses. Bind the letters in a book to present to her, and she will remember this day always. When presenting the gifts, offer wisdom and personal perspective on coming of age.

Certain cultures acknowledge a boy's entrance into manhood. Inquire about places that the young man might like to celebrate his special day. Allow him to bring his closest buddies, and if he enjoys the company of a particular male relative or role model, be sure to include them.

The day might include a symbolic activity, such as going to the DMV and picking up a drivers manual. It is never too early for a boy to plan for the day when he can legally drive.

As with girls, young men will appreciate reading letters from his role models about the significance of entering manhood. Place the letters in a genuine leather album that he will display proudly. Today is also the day to give significant gifts, such as his own checking account.

Make a short speech to tell your son that you are proud of him. Impress upon the guest of honor that men behave more responsibly than boys, and that more mature behavior will be expected of him from now on. This would be a good time to present him with a special letter from his mother.

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