Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Awesome Birthday Party Ideas for Teens

Teen Parties

We love teenagers--they are our future.  Birthday parties for teens should be planned carefully using input from your teen so it will please them and their friends (who are all-important)!

How to come up with Awesome Birthday Party Ideas for Teens

Coming up with birthday party ideas for teenagers is an extremely challenging task. Parents with teenage kids often find it hard to understand them and many may raise their hands in complete hopelessness over their inability to handle and communicate with their teenage children. Friends are a great influence in their teenagers' lives as they become increasingly engrossed in issues such as dating, self image, body image as well as media fads and trends.

Birthday parties are the greatest way to bridge the gap with one's teenage kids and understand the friends they hang out with. However, birthday ideas for teenagers need to be exceedingly creative and tailored to their interests and preferences. For example, parents with preteens approaching the age of 13 should consider 13th birthday parties that have less childish themes and ones that can help herald their children's entry into life's teenage phase. It is good to discuss birthday ideas with one's child in order to gauge his or her preferences before planning the theme and design of the 13th birthday party invitations, decorations, menu and activities.
Teenage birthday parties require a sufficient amount of planning. The following checklists can serve as a guide when planning teenage birthday party ideas.

Choosing a theme is the first step when planning for birthday parties. One may choose themes based on the child's interests such as a reality show theme, fantasy theme or sports theme. Another option is to decide on a theme based on the type of party one plans to hold such as a surprise party, beach party or a sleep over party.

Food is perhaps the easiest part when it comes to teenage birthday party ideas. Most teenagers love snacks, party food and sodas. Finger food that can be picked up without creating excessive mess is the best option for teenage parties.

There is an extensive list of birthday ideas for teenagers that one can source from party books or the internet. The type of activities may depend on the number of guests who are expected to attend as well as the theme of the party. For example, activities for 13th birthday parties may include movies, dancing, art and craft activities or fun games. However, it is important to state the type of activities in the 13th birthday party invitations so that guests may know what to anticipate.

Decorations help to create the right ambience to align with the party's theme. For example, a 13-year-old's vampire-themed party venue may be cloaked with a combination of black-red decorations that are also used for the 13th birthday party invitations and gift bags. On the other hand, decorations for a 15-year-old's dance party may include a glitzy dance floor decorated with disco balls, shiny balloons and glow-in-the-dark stars.

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