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Fountain Wedding Cake | Fountain Wedding Cake Designs 2011 | Fountain Wedding Cake Ideas | Fountain Wedding Cake Pictures

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Fountain Wedding Cake Cakes

You can look at portable fountain to get an idea of ​​what it will look a cake. This fountain cake must be greater than the area you plan to use for your presentation cake. You will also have a pretty good idea of ​​how many guests will start to cake together. Once you have this information and have a better idea of ​​the size and type of fountain you want the remaining work is to Cake Baker to come together and make it beautiful.

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Fountain Wedding Cake Roses

This is where you will have to be creative. You can make different flavors on each floor or kept the same. You can use chocolate or wine instead of water to run down the cake. You can even use sparkling wine to add a great touch and shine to your cake. You can even add some sound effects to your fountain if you want to make it more romantic. You can have fresh flowers added to improve the cake and add fresh fruit that can be dipped in chocolate for a large button. It is up to you and the more creative you can get will be happy with a cake.

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Fountain Wedding Cake Decorations

Just because you go with a cake fountain does not mean that you have your budget. You can rent a fountain that will go with the cake and will make arrangements for some cake for very cheap if you're creative. You can have a cake fountain that for about the same price as a traditional wedding cake, if you find the right Baker, who is willing to work with your ideas.

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