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Carvel Ice Cream Cake | Carvel Ice Cream Cake Coupon 2011 | Carvel Ice Cream Cake Recipe | Carvel Ice Cream Cake Calories

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Carvel Ice Cream Cake Ingredients

Carvel Ice Cream is a company that specializes in family fun for everyone and offers a selection of freshly baked cakes, novelties and fountain ice. This all-American favorite is the first country in the retail ice cream franchise, and is also one of the most popular and best known names in the ice cream. Carvel ice cream fresh daily for over 75 years and is the home of all the original ice cream cake. Today, Carvel lovers looking for their creamy, crunchy trafficking more than 500 Carvel stores and over 8,500 supermarkets throughout the country.

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Carvel Ice Cream Cake NYC

Carvel is known for its chocolate known cake layered ice and their original creations include the popular fudgy the whale and Cookie Puss, others have cakes for birthdays, holidays, special events and other special moments in life. Created in 1934, Carvel with the development of premium products, soft-serve ice cream served products in cups, cones, ice cream and milkshakes credited, and they are known hand immersed in ice cream and novelties, such as the Flying Saucer, Brown Bonnet, Banana Barge and Thick Shake.

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Carvel Ice Cream Cake Nutrition Information

In 1934, Tom Carvel borrowed, the founder, $ 15 from his future wife Agnes, filled a wounded vending truck with ice, and went in search of the American dream. The truck was in Hartsdale, NY, but the dream has never wavered. He sold his ice cream melt and pedestrians that started it all. Before the start of the Second World War, Carvel to Fort Bragg, North Carolina, where he worked as a consultant and refrigeration dealer. This paved the way for him to improve his ice cream freezer and combine it with a custom-made ice cream with fresh liquid so as to know the high product quality we have today.

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