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Brownie Ice Cream Cake | Brownie Ice Cream Cake Recipe | Brownie Ice Cream Cake Recipe Easy | Brownie Ice Cream Cake Betty Crocker

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Brownie Ice Cream Cake Homemade

I like chocolate brownies, but we can not really in France. You can get something like pastry, a slice of chocolate cake that tastes delicious dark chocolate, dense melts in your mouth, but he has this combination of gooey center dry, crispy outside and soft that so irresistible is a brownie.

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Brownie Ice Cream Cake Ingredients

Why can not I buy my own and brownies are a real crush to do when we have guests round for coffee. It's probably a good thing you can not buy one of the things I discovered living in France is that with the time available for each guest is expected in home care, s' they are invited for coffee. Take a packet of biscuits on the table and tell them to help themselves, not really the done thing.

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Brownie Ice Cream Cake Recipe from Betty Crocker

A few months ago, I had the idea of ​​trying to make ice cream with chocolate brownie. Well actually I was a bit "tipsy after a special session of coffee in the afternoon turned into a bit" of a drunken evening. The wine and cognac was too wide after midnight approached her and really had the munchies. With the left over brownies on the kitchen counter and a bath of chocolate ice cream in the freezer, I decided to combine the two. The taste was divine, but not as it should be appreciated at the time.

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