Thursday, May 12, 2011

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I used my mother that her children's birthday cakes from WalMart or the local grocery store, they ordered a cheap sheet cake to buy, has to know it was logical. They well (though certainly not) were decorated and I think that they are special because they had their names on them. But the cake tasted bland and cookie cutter cookie cutter homes in the neighborhood saw. I know I could do better, and for my children when I decided to make his birthday cake.

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I first year, I was nervous that other parents will take their work was atrocious. I highlight the fact that maybe I was wrong to try to be perfect. Maybe I'm not good at all on it. But the smile on the faces of their children after receiving a cake to know that I had to work especially hard. Suddenly, what anyone thought it had not been for my children, then making the birthday cake.

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The first time you make a cake for your child to go for something easy to decorate. Even non-traditional birthday cake with store bought around can be a good choice. Chocolate turtle cake or cookies and cakes to try to close your child's name is the alphabet. I promise you this a hundred you can buy at the store, and will feel proud of their success will taste better than the bar.

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