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Popular Wedding Cake Fillings

When people try to understand what kind of wedding cake they want at their reception, they sometimes do research on what their favorite celebrities have at their wedding. There are many different options out there for cakes, and even if the cake is worth forty thousand U.S. dollars to your favorite celebrity does not mean that an experienced baker can create a copy of the cost for you. Some of the most popular wedding cakes there are relatively complicated and expensive, but do not be discouraged by these facts, there are many great restaurants out there who will be able to design a great cake for your big day.

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Popular Wedding Cake Designs

Donald Trump and Melania Knauss had an impressive five feet tall and fifty pounds, seven-level orange and white wedding cake that had three thousand white icing roses on it. It is obvious that not many people be so complex as the cake! Donald Trump was probably expected to go all out with all his big day, and he has enough money to cover costs. If you like the sound of your cake well, you could probably be reduced to normal size and still be able to afford it.

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Popular Wedding Cake Decorations

Hip hop artists Kalis and Nas had a wedding cake that was covered with five levels of sugar roses and gilded with 24 carat gold in! Not too many people out there who want to spend much money on the cake, or even all of their wedding elsewhere.

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