Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A handbag with Love for Julie

My first ever handbag Cake... Alhamdulillah managed to do it...
Julie, a sweet lady... a repeat customer turn to be friend of mine...her hubby who adores her, wanted to have surprise party and cake for her...emailed me this pic of handbag...wohooo i never done any handbag cake before, perhaps for others it just a simple design...but for me its a huge task. but how could i say NO to Julie's hubby..Julie is such a special person to me.
Izzat had mentioned he is not sure how to celebrate Julie's bday. I suggested Flora Cafe at AmpWalk, been there once for my partner in crime (Sity) bday party, i just fall in love with the whole concept of the cafe... Izzat invited me and family to the party but we had prior commitment, which no less important than the party, its a cousins gathering at Sg Congkak. Anyway, thanks Izzat for inviting us.

Julie had called me and thanked me for suggesting the venue of the party as well the cake which obviously she loved. I am just flattered. She is so lucky for having a sweet romantic husband like Izzat.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JULIE!!! May you happy always.

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