Saturday, May 7, 2011

Guitar Cake | Guitar Cake Pan 2011 | Guitar Cake Template 2011 | Guitar Cake Topper 2011

how to make a guitar cake

Guitar Cake Recipe

The idea really easy cake decorating theme to make these cakes is to purchase cake toppers that match your theme to put on top of your cake. These come in many different varieties. However, if you happen to want to make a certain theme cake for which you can not find a cake game, try the overview section of any shop or business.

guitar shaped cake

Guitar Cake Mold

For the examples above, you can buy things like a miniature fishing rod and net fishing for the cake, a miniature golf bag and golf clubs for the golf theme cake and a miniature guitar for the guitar cake . You can put them on top of your cake. Theme for a cake mail, mailboxes and miniature purchase, make small cardboard letters that you laminate and place them on top and sides of your cake. For the cake theme carpenter, put miniature saws and other tools at the top and sides of cake.

electric guitar cake

Guitar Cake Ideas

These are just some examples. The ideas are really endless, but I hope this has helped to start thinking in different and unique cake decorating ideas that will make the cake, then, that you are very special.

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