Tuesday, May 24, 2011

edible Image cake

Ordered by Yanie memula baca email, Yanie introduced herself like this, hi saya yanie dari Bukit Aman...gulp...bukit amsn, sebelum ni pernah terima order dari tentera, now dari polis pulak..see like i said before, an advantage of being a cake maker when we can meet many people along the line of business. making new friends everyday.

btw, i ordered this edible image from my future Brother in Law (InsyaAllah). he is taking order not only for me. so whoever interested to order an edible image from him, kindly email him at hairil@gmail.com . Hairil is also a manager at starbucks Hartamas, yes today is opening day of the new branch, congrats Hairil!

sempat jumpa Yanie sekejap masa hantar kek masa otw ke Sg Congkak. thanks Yanie for the order.

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