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Cricut Cake | Cricut Cake Machine 2011 | 2011 Cricut Cake Mini | Cricut Cake Cartridges 2011

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Cricut Cake Cutter

Of course, you've heard about the car Cricut Expression cutting, which allows you to make perfect decorations and scrapbook pages. But have you heard about the Cricut machine cake? This new personal cutter, which was created to reduce the food not paper. This machine can help the cake and other confections decorators create beautifully decorated food faster than ever before.

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Cricut Cake Video

Cricut cake machine differs from the expression mainly in its stainless steel food safe design. In addition, the resolution on the mat a little more, which gives an approximate 2.5 cutting space. The most important thing in a car cake is that all about eating food safe. Even the carpet is designed to supply safe, without glue. However, you must use a certain type of reduction to keep food from getting stuck on the carpet.

cricut expression machine

Cricut Cake Accessories

Food is really necessary to have consistency gum paste. Cakes, fondant and cheese work well too. If you manage to find consistency, you can even make designer cookies. Cricut offers ready-made gum paste for sale in a small bathroom or glaze letter, however, you can make your own. You can use basically anything that has a similar consistency.

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