Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pretty in Purple

Carly, my granddaughter, is 11 and she always has a definite design in mind when it comes to her birthday cake. She called and said, "Grandma, you got a pencil and piece of paper? I'm gonna tell you how I want my cake to look."I got a pencil and paper, this is how it went down. For the bottom layer I want light purple icing with zebra stripes. For the second layer I want white icing with light and dark purple dots. For the top layer I want dark purple icing with white stripes and the #11 on top made of modeling chocolate. This cake is vanilla with buttercream icing and the zebra stripes and the #11 are model chocolate and serves about 25 to 30. For each girl that was at her spend the night party, she wanted the initial of their first name made from krispy treats drizzled with chocolate and the back side covered with purple modeling chocolate. Happy Birthday Carly, we love you bunches!

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