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Dark Chocolate | Dove Dark Chocolate 2011 | Hershey's Dark Chocolate | Lindt Dark Chocolate 2011

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Many different kinds of dark chocolate are currently available in the market, how to choose the best chocolate? Low-quality chocolate, because it means two things, one of the easiest ways is to simply hand over to the dark chocolate, see the label. If it exists, it must be included in the list of ingredients. Chocolate itself, the bar itself is a good rule is always in the control components that determine the overall quality of the different elements, but the two components, / trans fats and vegetable oils are hydrogenated oils.

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The best dark chocolate we want to avoid when choosing a first component, known as trans fats, unlike hydrogen, oil. It is only for our health, the worst type of material is one of the taste of chocolate alone is reduced. In recent years, the demand for cocoa butter in the cosmetic industry in the sky, the rocket has forced the price of cocoa butter. So, for many companies the cost down so low, using hydrogenated vegetable oil, maintenance costs start. However, two naturally occurring substance in chocolate is cocoa butter and chocolate taste and texture is an essential element for itself, by removing a lot of truth in nature, and chocolate will also be deleted.

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We search the best dark chocolate bar I want to avoid the vegetable oil. Natural vegetable oils, but not naturally occurring in chocolate. This causes the cocoa butter and chocolate, is naturally replaced by a foreign substance removal means is a big process to go through. The higher the amount of processed chocolate flavor, texture and a lot of nutritional value is removed. Yes, it's listed in the ingredients of the best chocolate is vegetable oil. In addition, the company then called the FDA is no longer chocolate candy and a 100% vegetable oil or other alternative will replace the natural cocoa butter, please. You are "chocolate candy", "chocolate" or a product category to finish what "chocolate."

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