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Brownies Cake Mix | Brownies Cake Mix Recipe 2011 | Brownies Cake Mix Pudding 2011 | 2011 Brownies Cake Mix Cream Cheese

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Are you craving chocolate? If you are a true chocolate lover you know what I mean. These are times when you're so hungry for hot chocolate and sticky to do anything else? Yes, I know most of us keep chocolate cake mix by hand just for situations like this. But if you run out of this is the recipe for you.

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I certainly will take more time to mix sweet, but different texture and taste thanks to the peanut butter and marshmallow cream. If you like chocolate so much, but I like peanut butter, this is a good recipe for you. Quick recipe little sweet and simple and quick to do if you get unexpected company. They also take a lot when you watch the game with friends or your next Potluck. Just do not tell anyone how easy they are doing! We think that slave on a hot stove for hours.

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These are simple and easy instructions on how to make these cute Speedy. Firstly here is a short list of ingredients you'll need to do it.

1 chocolate cake mix (can be any type of chocolate)

1 stick margarine or butter (½ cup)

¾ cup creamy peanut butter

1 seven oz jar marshmallow cream

Once you have measured out my ingredients, melt your butter or margarine in small saucepan over high heat. Then, put your dry cake mix chocolate in a medium bowl. Pour the melted butter or margarine and stir to mix well by hand.

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