Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rose Wedding Cake | Rose Wedding Cake Designs 2011 | 2011 Rose Wedding Cake Topper | Red Rose Wedding Cake Toppers 2011

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red rose wedding cake

Rose wedding invitations, romantic wedding stationery is one example. Pink is usually associated with romance. Red roses are usually given for Valentine's Day love and affection for your partner to show.

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Red roses to decorate wedding stationery is the most popular color choice. However, yellow, pink and white flowers, sometimes make an appearance. I recommend you use the design on a red card to choose a cream or ivory. Yellow, white or pink and white color is recommended for wood.

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white rose wedding cake

Compliments to the design, use more design tips to the thin film highlight. Gold leaf compliments red and pink roses, yellow and white with silver foil that works.

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