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Indonesian Cake | Indonesian Cake Recipes 2011 | Indonesian Spice Cake 2011 | Indonesian Steamed Cake 2011

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bolu Indonesian Cake

My dessert recipes Intansumun delicious and decadent yet another layer of cake and threw KEK and lapis in Indonesia. This is the Lapis Nyonya KEK's recipe is an exotic taste and aroma is one of my favorite legends invite you, and Sue Moon, I wanted to share with you. Check it out!

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traditional Indonesian Cake

My friend and I remember how I still clearly are looking forward to the sweet dish served during Chinese New Year. KEK our favorite layer cake of lapis and Indonesia. How expensive cake, we are also very special cases, is to get them to eat. As a passionate car, I myself have 言I聞Kasemashita learn how to create a Kekkurapisu regardless what I have, (get the recipe after the jump of the lapis of KEK)

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all Indonesian Cake

Lapis KEK is a unique spice cake that is added to give a sweet scent of perfume. This is a very rich cake with a very high content of eggs and butter. Thus, typically served in a very small part. KEK lapis created a very tedious task, but it appears your beautiful layer cake worth the hard work. In addition, we will look at all the family to dine with our friends. Lapis Nyonya KEK is great baking recipes, but readers share food, Nyonya is not an actual recipe.

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