Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Friends -How to Make Your Friends Feel Special on Their Birthdays

How to Make Your Friends Feel Special on Their Birthdays

It's important to make your friends feel special on their birthdays, although that doesn't necessarily mean you have to assume the role of grandparent! There are many ways you can do this. Here are some small but creative ways you can remind them you care.

Find a way to say "Happy Birthday!" aloud, especially if your friend isn't nearby. Cards are great, but there's a chance they won't arrive in time if you're sending them through snail mail. Plus, hearing you personally wishing them well will make your friend feel especially important. Alternatively you might also send a friendly text-message earlier in the day if you or your friend are busy working, and you can obviously create a simple online "wall post" for the occasion--but everyone knows birthday wishes are a lot more special if the message arrives directly.

Does your friend like surprises? This can sometimes take the form of a surprise party, but that's not the only way to use the "element of surprise" to liven up his day. While surprise parties can be extremely fun, you don't necessarily know if your friend will be in a party mood. Another way to surprise your friend, while not forcing him to attend an event, is by creating a small, informal surprise: you can drop off a surprise birthday cake at his workplace, or hide a secret present in one of his pockets or bags while he isn't looking. Or, if you have the time and if your friend likes games, you can create an inter-connected web of clues that will lead him towards an amazing surprise at the end!

Gifts are generally a better idea for closer friends, but sometimes there are occasions when gift-giving is awkward. For instance your friend might feel guilty about not having given you anything for your birthday, or maybe you are simply too broke. There are many wonderful gifts you can give that are not hard on the wallet. First of all, you can always make a simple card or homemade present. Another excellent idea is the gift of tasty treats: try baking (or buying) a colorful cupcake or some delicious chocolates. Another thoughtful--and amazingly cost-effective--gift is writing your friend a special song or poem just for the occasion. If you're good with the pen or voice, try it sometime: it's both a creative and extremely flattering way to say "Happy Birthday!"

Last but not least, a great gift that will make your friends feel extra special is a nice, friendly hug. If you can't take them out for coffee or a meal, or have nothing more materialistic to give, you can always wish them well and be a good friend. That is the whole essence of gift-giving.

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