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Chocolate Sushi | Chocolate Sushi Sunnyvale 2011 | Chocolate Sushi Recipe 2011 | Chocolate Sushi Couture 2011

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Is it just me, or cocoa in the world gets more creative by the minute? (And by creative I mean odd, but in the most positive of lights.) In the past six months have introduced additional variations on a theme than I ever thought possible. My we have grown from the days of Milton Hershey! The business of chocolatiering in America and beyond has progressed to a new, highly sophisticated age.

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I've seen a change over the past few years of a classic form of chocolate jewel like presentation of small, very flavored morsels. I believe that many of the smaller chocolate makers have taken their cues from the Vosges, a Chicago-based chocolate company that made the Americans think that the new millennium, calls for hatbox filled with confections. I mean, not a foil wrapped bar so last millennium? And its true, after seeing the Vosges, chocolatier what could ever go back to the format of Whitman sampler when plush pillow topped boxes of chocolate may increase the psychological preciousness of fine gemstone jewelry?

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I naively thought that the presentation of the jeweler was stopped in front of the box I was wrong. But I must admit girlish squeal escaping from my lips when jaded box Chocouture Diamond Collection is made of Chocolatines Chicago arriving from UPS-enabled last week. A Tiffany blue box topped held four round sparkling diamonds. As much as I'd like to think that I deserve it, I'm not used to receiving diamonds in the mail. So when Chocouture arrived, I immediately dove in and crunched my way through one of the jewels, and premium dark chocolate on the pillow that is uploaded. (In the context of the current conflict, I am very against the diamond. But do not forget guys, it's sparkling gemstones will always be happy to accept a nice alternative to conflict diamonds.)

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