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Chocolate Cream Pie | Chocolate Cream Pie Recipe 2011 | 2011 Chocolate Cream Pie Easy | Chocolate Cream Pie Crust 2011

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There are many different kinds of chocolate pie filling, even with regard to the explosion of options when you add fruit, nuts or other flavorings. However, there is a base or basic idea of ​​charging for the chocolate cakes in the family, which is normally considered "normal."

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The most basic filling for chocolate cakes are made from some kind of chocolate, sugar, butter and eggs. While the number of eggs and butter and sugar varies from recipe recipe, it is rare to find some interesting manipulation of these components. The only place where you see a number of options is the chocolate itself.

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Most recipes use some form of chocolate. You can find those who suggest, unsweetened, others that call for semi-sweet, and others that call for sweetened or regular milk chocolate. Inevitably chocolate are melted and combined with other essential ingredients for filling in forms. What type of chocolate you choose, of course, will affect the taste of cake, but you must also take into account the amount of sugar.

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