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Black Forest Cream | Black Forest Cream Cake 2011 | Black Forest Cream Filling | 2011 Black Forest Cream Recipe

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black forest cake whipped cream

Germany was known as one of the leading innovators in the world. It was printing, aspirin, cars, and even MP3 technology. Aside from these, Germany is a country that introduced the world to one of the most famous cakes ever created.

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chocolate cake with whipped cream and cherries in each layer, then still decorated with whipped cream and chocolate shavings is what the Black Forest is all about. The cake is a popular choice in the various parties or gatherings such as birthdays, weddings and others and I'm sure you've tasted this delicious Black Forest cake.

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black forest cake with cream cheese

The chocolate cake was in the region of the Black Forest in Germany. Bakers of Germany has created a dessert called "Black Forest kirsch. Schwarzwälder name is a tourist destination in Germany, and known for its rich cherry, which is believed to be the inspiration for the cake.

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