Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Birthday Party for 90th birthday

GrandParents Parties
GrandParents (or old people who aren't grandparents, yet) enjoy the attention of a birthday party like they did as a child.  A simple family gathering for a dinner at a restaurant or a large gathering at a dance hall, don't forget to celebrate your loved one's birthdays. 

At 90, You Really Can Let People Pamper You

A 90th birthday is more than a special day. Turning 90 is an important milestone worth celebrating. A 90-year-old may not think he or she wants a party or gifts and would instead prefer a simple "Happy Birthday". Friends and family of the birthday senior, on the other hand will undoubtably want to celebrate this special occasion. The best way to honor anyone, especially seniors, is to provide an event and gifts that makes the celebrant feel uniquely appreciated, special and loved.

To begin with the health and circumstances of the senior must be considered. If the senior generally feels unsteady or frail, one large party may be overwhelming rather than joyful. If the senior is living in a nursing home, a large party may not be better suited to the particular facility. Several smaller parties may be preferable and more manageable. Plus, it allows the senior to enjoy an extended celebration over a series of days in honor of turning 90.

If a senior is able to cope with, and would in fact revel in a large group of family and friends gathering to sing Happy Birthday, make sure the venue, home or restaurant is handicap accessible with appropriate restroom facilities and few stairs. In mild weather climates and months, a park with an outdoor pavilion, where guests of all ages can enjoy the company of each other, is another great way to throw a soiree.

Gifts for a 90-year-old can be tricky. Most individuals at this age, are at a stage where they already have, or are in the process of, divesting themselves of many possessions while downsizing. Presents designed to pamper are a great idea -- hand lotions, soaps, candles and air freshners for women. Men may appreciate aftershave or special snacks. Both would appreciate books, magazine subscriptions or DVDs of old movies and favorite televison shows. Photos that remember back to days gone by, of special loved ones or events from the past are always a treasured gift. Compile the photos in a scrapbook, place a single photo in a decorative frame or combine photos and related momentos in a shadow box.

Regardless of how you choose to pamper and celebrate a 90-year-old's birthday, do so with love and joy. Older generations appreciate it when loved ones take the time out of their busy lives to celebrate, bake a cake, frame a photograph, sing Happy Birthday and say "I love you."

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