Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Birthday Celebrations for Men Turning 40 Can Be Fun!

GrownUp Parties

GrownUps typically enjoy more mellow birthday parties like a dinner at a restaurant.  They are over the wild, exciting club scene, but still want to be remembered, loved and appreciated on their birthday.

Birthday Celebrations for Men Turning 40 Can Be Fun!

When it comes to 40th birthday ideas for men, a little imaginative thought about their likes and dislikes goes a long way. So, rather than giving the usual shirt, tie, or socks for the "Big 4-0," it's time, instead, to knock his socks off with a gift that celebrates personal uniqueness. While unique birthday gifts take a bit more effort, the results are rewarding, saying as much about the giver as the recipient. They can evoke fun, too, because by the time a man reaches 40, he usually has the basics, what he needs to make his world go round, and is looking forward to enjoying the advantages of maturity. Party ideas and unique birthday gifts celebrating that maturity with a lighthearted nod to interests and activities that transcend everyday life will be a hit.

Whether throwing a party or gift shopping, 40th birthday ideas are easier when recalling a person's life to date, his accomplishments and those who helped along the way, as well as core likes, interests, and hobbies. For instance, if sports have continued to define his leisure time, a sports related party will score more points than the usual crepe paper, balloons, and birthday cake. A party coinciding with a televised game will have an instant background theme, with a large screen garnering extra points. Serving food that enhances game time but has a few extra flourishes will be appreciated, while the cake and party site can be decorated to reflect the preferred team's color and logo. The same concept applies to other interests such as music, with CD's or a DJ set up to turn out favorites from jazz to the Cranberries and a cake in the shape of an instrument. With party ideas centered on honoree interests, consideration can still be given to the overall ages of guests and time of day. When families and children are involved, there should be appropriate food and activities that they can enjoy too while not sacrificing the party's theme.

In a nutshell, birthday gifts should be as unique as the person turning 40. By then, a man's personality, work, and interests have made him who he is. Depending on relationship and budget, gifts that recognize individuality will be appreciated. Moreover, showing such thoughtfulness needn't result in an overly serious or useful present. More likely to bring a smile is a gift card for a round of bowling in a high-tech alley than a book on how to consistently make strikes. Subscriptions to new publications embracing everything from architecture to running, tickets for concerts, sporting events or prepaid restaurant meals, limo services for carefree travel, even massage gifts for those who've shown curiosity, are examples of 40th birthday ideas that will knock off his socks and ensure that turning 40 is more fun than one might have anticipated!

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