Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Birthday Celebration in Hospital Room


It is difficult for anyone to be in the hospital, but it can be especially hard when someone is in the hospital on their birthday. Children who have medical issues that may keep them in the hospital for an extended period of time often find this happening. Birthdays should not be neglected just because someone is in the hospital, this is a time of celebration of life and having loved ones around is a great healer. There are many ways to celebrate a persons birthday while they are in the hospital.

First of all, check with the hospital’s policy regarding birthday celebrations, this will help to avoid any interruptions or hard feelings during the celebrations. Providing the patient is not on a controlled diet, plan to bring a small birthday cake in, or some cupcakes that are decorated with a birthday theme. If the patient is in a semi private room offer some of the goodies to their roommate, providing it does not go against doctor’s orders.

Ordering balloons to bring or be delivered ahead of time is a nice way to surprise the patient and will make them feel better as well. While celebrating in the hospital room, guests can play games or even have craft time with the patient, such as coloring faces on face masks and wearing them during the party. If one would like to surprise the patient, and they are able to go for a wheelchair ride, one person could take them on a “walk” while another does some light decorating in the room. Imagine their surprise when they come back and see the Happy Birthday decorations.

There are some things one should be careful about when celebrating a birthday in a hospital. As previously mentioned, one should check the hospital’s policy regarding birthday celebrations, another is making sure the patient can eat whatever treats you may bring them. Some individuals are on a strict diet while in the hospital and eating cake may not be the best thing for them. If this is the case, check into sugar free Jello as a possible alternative or slip a flower on the hospital meal service tray. Also, be respectful of the other patients on the floor. Do not invite a large number of people to the patients room. Many hospitals have a limit on how many visitors can be in a patient(s) room at one time. Another good reason is the noise level is bound to rise with people trying to talk over one another; this could disturb other patients on the floor who need their rest. Having too many people in the room can also hinder the nurse or doctor from performing their duties correctly.

If one considers others and really would like to celebrate their loved one’s birthday while they are hospitalized, then it can be done with little to no fuss or interruption to the medical staff. Plus, the smile on the patient’s face (and their appreciation during a stressful time) will be worth the effort.

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