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2011 Christmas And New Years Cake

New Years Cake Image2011 New Years Cake

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New Years Cake Pictures2011 New Year Cake

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2011 Christmas And New Years Cake

As Christmas is coming in droves to buy gifts, prepare food, send cards and be someone cheerful way of life can even slower tired of Cyprus. In Cyprus, Christmas has become more commercial, with shops beautifully decorated, and stored for a long time to buy. Cities and the statue of Santa Claus, making snowmen, angels and the city lights and decorated throughout. And although Easter is the larger of the two events is not Christmas and New Year. Minimize and thousands of unique customs and traditions meals.

Cyprus for many, Christmas is the day before. The season begins on 6 December, the feast of St. Nicholas and ends on January 6, celebrate. Christmas is celebrated as a religious holiday on Christmas Eve, people go to church hymns, and many children at home or passing the Byzantine era. As a goblin goblin and less known as people to pursue corruption during the 12 Days of Christmas "she said. Although not in the past, some people" protect ", a sprig of basil wrapped around of the cross and then sprinkled with holy water. The water in each room and spread throughout the 12 days after Christmas.

In the past, children used gift for Father's Day Christmas and New Year or Saint Basil's New Year celebration was a special day with cake Mothers cake with candles on it and leave the wine for it - come and bless their drink gift and then leave the cake. Most people now and in the exchange offer received on Christmas Day. New Year's cake is being sold in bakeries or Homemade New Year's day or night will be reduced. The cake is very sweet, but a gold coin in the same - each is a piece of cake with the coin, said to be lucky all year .

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