Sunday, November 21, 2010

Best Chocolate Cake 2010

Like many of my generation, I was sent to boarding school at a young age. There, we had insufficient food is available and the poor. I am also close to the inadequacy of food poisoning on an empty stomach, yes promote appetite for all things sweet, there was time. This is my memory of chocolate cake, my parents, rarely come into play when they visited me in boarding school, my mother always brought me a chocolate cake. Yes, all the whole cake for themselves.

Currently, other schools, such as the establishment of monasteries polite provide my sisters for life inadequate and it was the practice for the goods you want to share with them at one table in the cafeteria of the school . I did not, despite the rules in reverse in. juvenile I, we are off to tuck all the lockers in our dormitory squirreled other boys slowly that it threatens the hoarding of food about 1 It is not at the dead of night, was swallowed up. Salivary juice yet I secretly filled chocolate cake into my mouth, when considering the massive rust without them, please run riot in my mouth. Their insatiable appetite for something sweet immediately melts on the tongue.
Even then, I dabbled in my chocolate cake in the kitchen, in the case of ground almonds and flour, rice flour than usual took place partially or completely, it can remember. The cake, the icing of the two on the way butter icing, glace icing on top of it was. Many years later, I brought a chocolate cake joy of this school very much, recipes, please remember asking my mother. Ambiguous in a way characteristic of her, but she has promised to find it, that she was, she took the secrets of cooking has made it her grave.

Over the years, this cake again I may not be the result of regularly comes to mind, a sense of sadness that I can create and share a day of sadness came with my sister. To my surprise, she also has a memory of our mother's chocolate cake, the recipe, she was going. She then produced a chocolate cake recipe was created by those close to our youth when she told me that the encounter. This, Tasmin Day-Lewis, in the west of Ireland Summers, has been described in cookbook. This dish, it is pure serendipity that the author dwells on memories of the food children eat during the summer on the west coast of Mayo, I am a happy summer vacation of my youth in this part of the country too Having a.

Tasmin Many thanks to the Deiruisu, I'm now so that you can share this recipe. My sister was right. My sweet addiction, always have done, this cake is chock rank and school dormitory bed, I drifted back to food is straight forward for chocolate cake made by my mother.
175 g good dark chocolate chopped
175 g butter
175 Caster sugar
4 eggs separated
85 Ground Almond
85 g flour

Whole walnuts to decorate

Rich Chocolate Icing:

125 g good dark chocolate chopped
40 g butter
50 Caster sugar
85 Ml Cream

First, make icing. Put all ingredients in a bowl of hot water in the pan, stir gently over low heat. Smooth when left to cool in the refrigerator, where I put, it is thick as it cools, making it easier to become popular.
Mark preheated 180C/350F/Gas 4 oven. Grease two 18 cm sandwich cans. Melt chocolate in a bowl of hot water in a pot.
Cream butter and sugar (this is easily done in a food processor), then eggs, almonds, flour, egg yolks and add the melted chocolate one at a time.
Whipping egg whites are a little quiet until they form soft peaks, fold them into the mixture.
Divide the mixture between the oven and cook about 20 / 2 cans each sandwich. Cool slightly and then cans, leave found in a wire rack.
When cold, spread with no freezing my half sandwich and cake with the other half at the top you want to decorate the entire nut.

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